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February 9
11.00 - 12.30
Aula Magna, 19 Raiņa Blvd.
June 22
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  • Call for ERASMUS+ Student Mobility applicants
    Juridiskās fakultātes ēka. Foto: Toms Grīnbergs, LU Mediju un mārkatinga centrs
    Madara Marija Ose, PR Officer of the Faculty of Law

    The Faculty of Law welcomes international students to spend a semester or a whole study year at the University of Latvia. Application deadline for studies in Spring semester 2018 or the whole is November 15, 2017. We also welcome doctoral students under the Erasmus+ Student Mobility for Traineeships.

  • Internationally recognized publishing company "Springer" publishes a collective monograph by the professors of UL Facutly of Law
    Foto: no Juridiskās fakultātes arhīva

    A task that has been carried out for more than a year has concluded - a collective monograph of the law in the Baltic states has been prepared and produced in the internationally recognized publishing company "Springer". This is the first comprehensive and systematic book on the legal systems of the Baltic States in English. The publication covers all the main fields and branches of law in light of Europeanization and globalization; it addresses structures, problems, and perspectives of law.

  • Second compendium with specially selected papers on constitutional values published
    Madara Marija Ose, PR Officer of the Faculty of Law

    On November, 2016 the VI International Scientific Conference “Constitutional Values in Contemporary Legal Space” was held at the University of Latvia Faculty of Law, gathering outstanding representatives of legal thought and science from numerous European Union member states. The conference participants' scientific papers have been gathered in two compendiums; now also the second compendium with specially selected papers has been published.