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Second compendium with specially selected papers on constitutional values published
Madara Marija Ose, PR Officer of the Faculty of Law

On November, 2016 the VI International Scientific Conference “Constitutional Values in Contemporary Legal Space” was held at the University of Latvia Faculty of Law, gathering outstanding representatives of legal thought and science from numerous European Union member states. The conference participants' scientific papers have been gathered in two compendiums; now also the second compendium with specially selected papers has been published.

The proposal to organize an international conference on constitutional values in contemporary legal space made by the Faculty of Law of the University of Latvia gained broad support. The Conference was held on 16 and 17 November 2016, involving legal scholars from 19 countries, whose presentations provided extensive insight into the impact of constitutional norms and principles upon rather ramified legal regulation of public life, as well as existing contradictions and issues, and possible solutions to them. A part of the Conference presentations has already been published in a sizable printed edition in Latvian and English. 

The electronic version of the issue available here. The printed version is available for purchase.

The work on the second collection is now completed. This electronic publication of Conference materials comprises specially selected presentations, recognized by independent reviewers and the Editorial Board of this publication as being significant, in English, which were not included in the first collection, to provide the possibility to a broader circle of interested persons around the world to familiarize themselves with the presentations.

As the Chair of the Editorial Board for both compendiums, professor Kalvis Torgāns points out in the foreword of the issue, "We are living in turbulent times, when public order and security are threatened both by crime, which has become cross-border in its nature, as well as by terrorism and economic struggles, banking fraud and jolts in the financial system, intellectual property infringements, refugee problems. Society’s perception of things that used to be treated unequivocally change, for example, of marriage, family, protection of the rights of a child, and human dignity. A certain part of these developments has found reflection in articles of this Collection, without claiming to provide the final resolution."

"One peculiarity should be noted. The majority of authors of the articles represent a narrower field of law and in their everyday work are not connected to issues and nuances of constitutional law, and, thus, are dealing with their problems from the relatively narrow perspective of laws that already exist or have to be drafted. Therefore a benefit that the Conference has brought both to the concrete authors and to the legal science in general is the incentive given by the Conference – in searching for solutions to keep in mind constitutional norms and principles as guidelines on the way towards fair regulation of all legal issues. Experts of constitutional law, in turn, will be made more aware of the diversity of elements within contemporary legal space and of the necessity to improve and diversify ways of embodying and protecting constitutional values," explains the professor.

The publication contains 294 pages of scientific papers prepared by 30 authors. It is published electronically on the website of the University of Latvia and is submitted for indexing in "EBSCO" and "Web of Science" research databases.