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The Faculty of Law
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The Faculty of Law of the University of Latvia has been the cradle of legal sciences in Latvia ever since the university set up its Faculty of Economics and Law on September 28, 1919. Outstanding instructors, graduates and accomplishments in legal studies led to a rapid increase in the number of law students.  The separate Faculty of Law was established in 1944.

The Faculty of Law is very proud of its instructors and graduates, who are outstanding lawyers.  Instructors conduct scholarly work at the university, but are also actively engaged in the profession as distinguished judges, prosecutors, sworn attorneys and directors of various government institutions.  Graduates, too, have become important and successful lawyers.

Currently the Faculty of Law has more than 1200 students in four study programmes. This makes the faculty Latvia’s largest provider of studies in the field of legal sciences.

The Faculty of Law is the largest law school in Latvia, one with a wealth of traditions and achievements.  The Faculty of Law facilitates the development of the field of law, and it trains the country’s best legal specialists.  That’s why we offer the best choice to each and every jurist of the future.

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