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Internationally recognized publishing company "Springer" publishes a collective monograph by the professors of UL Facutly of Law
Madara Marija Ose, PR Officer of the Faculty of Law

A task that has been carried out for more than a year has concluded - a collective monograph of the law in the Baltic states has been prepared and produced in the internationally recognized publishing company "Springer". This is the first comprehensive and systematic book on the legal systems of the Baltic States in English. The publication covers all the main fields and branches of law in light of Europeanization and globalization; it addresses structures, problems, and perspectives of law.

This is the first book to present the law of the Baltic States in one comprehensive and coherent volume in English. The Baltic States region, which was incorporated by the Soviet Union for 50 years and now is the only such territory in the European Union, continues to be characterized by a number of unique traits, problems and developmental trends. This edition addresses these facets of law – the status quo, problems and trends – by adopting a comparative perspective structure for all three Baltic States, divided into three main parts – Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Each of these parts examines similar core aspects: General Frameworks, Public Law, and Private Law. Taking into account the peculiarities of each country, the individual chapters provide analyses of principles, problems and developments in specific legal branches. 

"The current volume is a unique accomplishment from several aspects. It is the first international collaboration project of Estonian, Lithuanian and Latvian legal scholars that provides analytical overviews of the legal systems in the three countries. Moreover, it is a significant milestone marking the era of already mature states and their legal societies containing descriptions of historical development and explaining the achievements and challenges of lawmaking - it is a development story of states that are all having different languages but are sharing a lot in their political, economic and legal dynamics," explains professor Tanel Kerikmäe, one of the book's scientific editors.

Anita Rodiņa, Dean of the University of Latvia Faculty of Law indicates that this volume confirms Faculty professors' ability of reaching significant research milestones not only nationally, but internationally, as well. She also expresses gratitude to the leadership of the University of Latvia for supporting the preparation of the book's parts about Latvian law.

The authors of the monograph are recognized academics from the University of Latvia, Tallinn University of Technology, Vytautas Magnus University and selected professionals in the field of law. Taken together, their contributions offer a valuable tool and resource for anyone interested in the law of the Baltic States: students, legal practitioners, scholars, administrators, etc.

Altogether 67 authors have contributed to the collective monography. Among them the academic staff of the University of Latvia:  Professor Jānis Rozenfelds, Professor Kalvis Torgāns, Professor Valentija Liholaja, Professor Kristīne Strada- Rozenberga, Professor Jautrīte Briede, Professor Jānis Lazdiņš, Professor Daiga Rezevska, Associate Professor Irēna Kucina, Associate Professor Annija Kārkliņa, Associate Professor Kristīne Dupate, Associate Professor Jānis Kārkliņš, Assistant Professor Arnis Buka, Assistant Professor Edvīns Danovskis, Assistant Professor Vadims Mantrovs, Assistant Professor Inese Lībiņa- Egnere, Assistant Professor Linda Damane, Assistant Professor Daina Ose, Lecturer Kristīne Zīle,  Instructor Martins Osis, as well as legal practitioners: Department Director of the Latvian Ministry of Welfare and Māris Badovskis State Secretary of the Latvian Ministry of Health Kārlis Ketners.